Something for everyone

Your safety and well-being are important to us. Therefore, we have have designed and manufactured a range of bands to suit your lifestyle, whatever it may involve.

Wrist ID Sport

Designed to absorb intense sweat and survive extreme weather conditions. Perfect for indoor and outdoor sports with two reflective stripes to enhance visibility at night.

Wrist ID Slim

Compact and casual silicone band. Popular amongst athletes and casual wearers alike. Discrete and fashionable enough to wear at all times regardless of your activity.

Wrist ID Elite

Our sexiest offering, with a stylish watch-like buckle and a sleek rubber band. Suitable for all activities while boasting enough style to suit the office and more formal occasions.

Ankle ID

Manufactured from light, soft neoprene (wetsuit material) ensuring maximum comfort. Suitable for all activities and includes a reflective stripe to enhance visibility at night.

Colours Black, Red, Blue Black, Red, Yellow, Pink Black Black, Red, Blue
Sizes Small (140mm - 159mm)
Medium (159mm - 203mm)
Large (> 203mm)
Small (< 152mm)
Medium (152mm - 180mm)
Large (180mm - 202mm)
One-size One-size
  • 9g (Small)
  • 11g (Medium)
  • 14g (Large)
  • 5.35g (Small)
  • 6.1g (Medium)
  • 7g (Large)
24g 8.5g
  • 235mm (Small)
  • 267mm (Medium)
  • 318mm (Large)
  • 152mm (Small)
  • 180mm (Medium)
  • 202mm (Large)
Width 25mm 12mm 18.8mm 25.4mm
Thickness 3.175mm
  • Nylon webbing against the skin
  • Velcro and rubber closure system
  • Elastic secures ID tag to the band
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective stripes
Silicone Rubberised compound
  • Neoprene against the skin
  • Velcro closure system
  • Elastic secures ID tag to the band
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective stripe
Water Resistance All models are fresh and salt water safe

For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

As keen, active sportspeople ourselves we really do understand and appreciate the need for high-quality, comfortable and fashionable training gear.

All our bracelets are manufactured using high quality and durable materials to ensure they last. For starters, our ID plates are manufactured from surgical-quality stainless steel then satin-polished and laser-engraved.

hydrophilic adj.

All of our models are safe and durable in fresh and salt water. In fact, you might hear us calling them "hydrophilic", a term for water lover.