What is SAFE ID?
SAFE ID speaks for you when you can't! SAFE ID is an essential piece of training gear for all runners, cyclists, hikers, swimmers, tri-athletes and gym goers; and it does not matter whether you're a novice or experienced, serious or social, amateur or professional. In fact, SAFE ID is for anyone who does not sit on the couch all day, including school kids and travellers. With our dual emergency information retrieval system (website and SMS), twin automatic instant alerts (SMS and email) to your listed emergency contacts and aesthetically looking bracelets which make you look cool, SAFE ID gives you and your loved ones peace of mind at all times. Not only are the emails and SMSes sent immediately to your listed emergency contacts, but messages are sent repeatedly until it is successfully delivered. The SAFE ID style is to be proactive rather than reactive!
Are SAFE ID products guaranteed?
Yes! If you are not satisfied with your ID for any reason, you can return it to the store where you purchased it in exchange for a new one. Additionally, our stainless steel ID carries a lifetime guarantee. That's right, if you are tough enough to wear out our laser engraved stainless steel, SAFE ID will replace it at no charge. However, our lifetime guarantee applies to the stainless steel ID plate only. The bands and straps that the steel is attached to are not covered for life. But we offer low-cost replacement bands and straps for all of our IDs. See our Products page.
Who needs SAFE ID?

ID should be as common and important as putting on a seat belt when getting into a car, or strapping on a bike helmet to go for a ride. Identification is important for people of all ages. Whether you're a runner, cyclist, jogger, walker, hiker, climber, skater, skier or someone who doesn't spend all of their time on the couch, then we encourage you to wear SAFE ID. SAFE ID is great for school kids and travellers too.

Not having ID while participating in outdoor activities is a serious risk — a risk that you no longer have to take. We shudder to think that you could be lying in a hospital and the medical staff would not know who to contact or even who you are — simply because you did not have ID. In the event of an accident, we want your family to be contacted immediately. We want them to be at your side as quickly as possible. We want to ensure that all your necessary emergency information is readily available so that you receive the proper and appropriate medical treatment as quickly as possible. In emergencies seconds can be the difference between saving your life and / or preventing irreversible damage. Wearing SAFE ID 'buys' you time by ensuring that all your necessary emergency information is immediately and readily available to the emergency response team (ambulance service). We encourage everyone to wear SAFE ID and stop taking chances, be proactive – not reactive!

Do people purchase SAFE ID for gifts?
Yes! It's odd how we tend to neglect our own safety, but do not hesitate to think of the safety of our loved ones. Many of our customers purchase SAFE IDs as special gifts for members of their family or special friends. Also, what other gift in the ZAR120 – ZAR180 price range could be as important or meaningful to someone you care about? We can ship your order to anyone, anywhere in the world.
What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy policy is quite simple: We wouldn't want our personal information shared with anyone, so we refuse to share yours with anyone. Your name, address, email address, etcetera. will NOT be sold, traded, or given to any business, organization, or individual for any reason. Promise! To view the details of our full privacy policy, see our 'Privacy Policy Statement'.
Can a running club or another group have their logo engraved on the bracelet?
Yes. The final charge depends on the complexity of the image, quantities, delivery address and a couple of other variables. Because of these variables SAFE ID cannot state any approximate costs but please feel free to contact us for a quote.
What makes the SAFE ID line of identification different from other forms of wearable identification?

SAFE ID is the only identification company of this sort. Our dual emergency information retrieval system (website and SMS) and immediate twin automatic instant alerts (email and SMS) to your listed emergency contacts is custom built software integrated for SAFE ID, making us extremely unique. Not only are the emails and SMSes sent immediately to your listed emergency contacts, but messages are sent repeatedly until they are successfully delivered – at NO additional charge to you. In addition, SAFE ID is the only company that caters to the specific needs of athletes and active people.

We at SAFE ID spend many hours a week exercising both indoors and outdoors so know and appreciate the need for quality, comfortable and cool looking training gear. Therefore, all SAFE ID bracelets are manufactured using high quality and durable materials to ensure they last. They are designed for both comfort and style, all uses, occasions and activities – be it indoors or outdoors, and irrespective of the weather conditions: sunshine or rain, wet or dry, hot or cold. Our active bracelets, the Wrist ID Sport and Ankle ID, both come standard with 3M reflective stitching increasing your visibility in the dark. Additionally, we have broadened our product range with the Wrist ID Slim and Wrist ID Elite, so SAFE ID has identification for all occasions and can be worn 24-7-365!

All the ID plates are standard: surgical quality stainless steel, satin polished and laser engraved. Additionally, all SAFE IDs are 'hydrophilic', which means: they are safe and durable in fresh and salt water.

What happens if my bracelet is lost or stolen?

If your bracelet is lost or stolen, you will need to replace it by buying a new one online. However, thereafter it is merely a couple of quick and easy steps to continue using SAFE ID:

Log in to your profile on our website. Enter your new unique bracelet serial and pin numbers under the heading 'bracelet'. Once you've ensured the numbers are correct, click save! You do NOT need to fill in all your other information again – just add your unique bracelet and serial numbers.

To avoid any panic, alert your listed emergency contacts in your emergency response profile that you're running a test to ensure it is working. Then SMS your new bracelet ID number to the SAFE ID short code (37923) to ensure it is working. Or use the website option as per the link on the home page of this website or as per the link on the face of the bracelet (www.safe-id.co.za/911).

Your changes will be saved and updated immediately so both the website access and short code SMS will work immediately. However, should you experience any problems please contact us immediately!

What happens if I replace my bracelet with a new one?
See the answer above (if 'lost or stolen').
How private and secure is my information?
We cannot emphasise enough that your information is extremely private and secure! See our privacy policy (pop up). SAFE ID has even gone a step further to enhance our security by registering and paying for a 'secure' website. The SAFE ID system is developed with the same demands on security and performance as the sites used for internet banking services and share trading. The data is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, certified by Comodo SSL CA. Our servers are hosted behind multiple layered electronic firewalls to protect transactional and banking information against unauthorised access from third parties, loss and fraud. The only information available via our website is your emergency information you filled in in your emergency response portfolio. This is the basic general information that is needed in case of an emergency. In order to retrieve this emergency information one would require your unique bracelet ID number – which is strategically engraved on your bracelet.
How do I update my Emergency Response Profile?
This is very simple. You update your Emergency Response Profile (ERP) simply by logging into your profile and amending the necessary information. Remember: The changes are recognized and saved immediately so it should work within a few minutes. We advise you to test it immediately (warn your listed emergency contacts so they do not panic) and contact us immediately should there be any problems.
Whose responsibility is it to update my Emergency Response Profile?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Emergency Response Profile is always up to date. From time to time SAFE ID will send you a reminder but the onus is on you. It is also your responsibility to test it once any changes or updates have been made.

Don't forget that you need to update your profile if any of your listed emergency contacts change or if they change any of their contact details (cell phone numbers or email addresses). Make them aware that you have listed them in your SAFE ID profile so they know what to do should they receive an email and SMS from us (when your SAFE ID profile is accessed in an emergency). Additionally when you inform them that you listed them as an emergency contact, make them aware that they should immediately communicate any changes in their cell phone numbers or email addresses to you so you can change your SAFE ID Emergency Response Profile accordingly.

Remember: The changes are recognised and saved immediately so it should work within a few minutes. We advise you to test it immediately (warn your listed emergency contacts so they do not panic) and contact us should there be any problems.

Whose responsibility is it to test that my SAFE ID account or profile is working?
We at SAFE ID conduct regularly tests to ensure our systems are up and running. Additionally, we test some 'demo' samples we have in office to ensure that all facets of the setup are functional. But it is also your responsibility to test your account / profile from time to time. This will also make you aware if any of your listed emergency contacts has changed any of their contact details (cell numbers and / or email addresses).
Does SAFE ID work while travelling overseas?

Yes and No. Accessing your SAFE ID Emergency Response Profile (ERP) via the internet can be done anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection, which you find even in the most remote places around the world. However, unfortunately, there is no one cell phone network that operates in every country in the world. Because of this we've decided not to offer the SMS option outside of South Africa.

Additionally, if your ERP is accessed via our website while travelling overseas, your listed emergency contacts will still receive their email and SMS alerts that your SAFE ID profile has been accessed and will receive the contact number of the First Responder who opened your profile by entering your bracelet serial number. So they will be aware something is wrong and attempt to contact you. And most importantly the first responder will have access to your emergency information!

So yes it is still worthwhile and imperative to wear your SAFE ID when travelling outside South Africa. Wearing your SAFE ID and being able to access it via the internet option is still great and could potentially save your life.

If I have more than one SAFE ID bracelet, but they are all assigned to me, do I have to pay more than on subscription?
No! Of course not! When you register your profile on SAFE ID you are assigned a membership number. This membership number allows any one person to have multiple bracelets and still only pay for one subscription. All the unique bracelet numbers will be assigned to one member only so irrespective which bracelet you're wearing, all your emergency information will be readily available in an emergency.
Where can I purchase SAFE ID products?
Visit our secure online store.
Can I replace the stainless steel disk only?
Yes. See our 'Products' page.
How much is the SAFE ID membership?
When purchasing any SAFE ID product you get the first 3 months membership subscription absolutely free. Hereafter, the annual membership is only ZAR180 excluding VAT. That is just ZAR15 per month to potentially save your life, (that of a loved one or friend) and/or significantly reduce the risk of irreversible damage! It is a no brainer that SAFE ID is an absolute must! Everyone can afford to wear SAFE ID as part of their training gear as well as in their daily lives.
How do I pay my membership fees?
To renew your membership is quick, easy and secure. Log into your profile and select the 'Billing' tab. In this billing section select 'Renew Membership' and pay the annual fee.
How will I know when my membership expires?
You will receive both a 30 day and 7 day email and SMS notification reminding you.
How do I cancel or not renew my membership?
To cancel or if you choose not to extend your SAFE ID membership (which you would not want to do, right?) Simply ignore the links in the 30 day and 7 day email and SMS reminders. Should you wish to terminate your membership during your contract, please send us an email message via our 'Contact Us' page.
If I decide to terminate my contract for whatever reason, will I be refunded for the balance of my contract?
If you're dissatisfied with our service and previously communicated this to us at SAFE ID, and we did not manage to adequately address the issue for you, then yes SAFE ID will refund you on a pro-rata basis. We're confident enough to assure you that this won't be the case.
How do I re-join SAFE ID (reactivate my account or rejoin if I previously terminated my membership)?
This is quite simple. Log in using your old username and password. Once logged in, ensure all your details in the various fields are updated and correct. Then click 'save'. In the 'home' section of 'my profile' your status will show 'deactivated'. Below this simply click 'reactivate my account'. You will be directed to the billing section where you can pay the annual fee and you're done.