We are a South African technology company that specializes in bridging the communication gap between injured as well as distressed citizens and the provision of critical emergency healthcare.

SAFE ID was born out of recognition of the value and need to facilitate the interface between citizens and healthcare services at critical times, which necessitate emergency medical interventions. We understand the need to and importance of communicating in cases of emergency and dire need. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognizes the downstream value of health statistics and the availability of reliable and accurate health information to facilitate appropriate diagnosis, patient identification and care.

Currently, in South Africa this type of medical information is not readily available at point of care or within the health system. Many developing and developed nations alike grapple with the availability of accurate health statistics, which has an impact on the provision of healthcare as well as socio-economic growth.

SAFE ID recognized that the easiest and most practical way of facilitating the provision of accurate health care is via access to key medical information, which contributes to improved patient outcomes and an efficient health system.

SAFE ID offers a safe, reliable, robust, quick, easy and cost-effective solution to bridge the communication gap between injured as well as distressed citizens and the delivery of healthcare.

Our product offerings act as a conduit for health informatics and access to critical medical intelligence in emergency situations, which is readily available, globally, 24/7.

SAFE ID is a platform for integrated access to health intelligence as well as an informational tool and resource for all citizens as well as emergency healthcare workers.


SAFE ID develops highly user-friendly, easily accessible and valuable web-based and mobile information tools in a cost effective and sustainable manner.


SAFE ID enables real time access to patient level information at point of care, globally.


SAFE ID centralizes medical information and dissemination to key care providers within the cycle of healthcare access and delivery.

SAFE ID acknowledges the value of partnerships to drive innovation in the health sector, which contributes to improved healthcare systems within the private and public sector. We endeavor to form collaborative partnerships with academic and professional institutions within key enabling domains such as Education, Medical as well as Information Technology.

The value and usefulness of SAFE ID as an eHealth platform can only be enhanced through the participation of key stakeholders, which seek to improve access to reliable medical statistics, accurate patient identification and treatment, the flow of health information as well as the overall functioning of South African emergency centre systems.